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Peak 2 goes electric

What’s new with Peak 2?

We are thrilled to share with you that we are converting the Peak 2 chairlift from diesel to electric It will be quieter, and more eco-friendly. The Peak 2 chairlift takes you to some of the most challenging terrain at the resort and has been running on diesel power since 1991. Peak 2 had to be refueled every other night and made a lot of noise, which took away from the natural beauty of the mountains.

Why are we switching to electric?

We want to give you the best experience at Willamette Pass, which means laps on this epic terrain with less noise and pollution. The electric motor will have a backup diesel engine in case of emergency, but it will mainly run on electricity. The electrical conduit has already been installed for the new motor, which will be ready before the next ski season. The electric motor will be much quieter, creating a more pleasant atmosphere for all of you skiers and snowboarders.

How can you support us?

Our mountain operations team has been working hard with our guests in mind to make this electric motor conversion happen. We appreciate your support and feedback as we strive to improve our resort. The best way to show your support is by getting your 2023/2024 season pass today and enjoying the benefits of skiing and snowboarding at Willamette Pass. Don’t wait until September 29th, when the prices will increase. Get your season pass now and get ready for an awesome winter at Willamette Pass!


On September 26th our Mountain Operations Team began the installation of the Peak 2 electric motor.

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