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SnowMaking and Grooming

Willamette Commits to Increased Snowmaking and Grooming

At Willamette Pass Resort, we are always looking for ways to improve our services and offer our guests the best possible skiing experience. That’s why we are excited to announce that we have made some significant investments in our snowmaking and grooming operations for the upcoming season.

More Snow, More Fun

One of the challenges of operating a ski resort in the Pacific Northwest is the variability of the natural snowfall. Some years, we get plenty of fresh powder, while other years, we face dry spells and warm temperatures. To ensure that our slopes are always covered with enough snow, we rely on our snowmaking system to supplement the natural snow.

This year, we have increased our snowmaking capacity by updating the pumps, and hoses to our existing infrastructure. This means that we can produce more snow in less time, and cover more terrain with artificial snow.

Smoother Rides, Better Performance

Another important aspect of providing a quality skiing experience is grooming the snow. Grooming is the process of using a machine called a Snowcat to smooth out the surface of the snow, remove bumps and moguls, and create corduroy patterns that make skiing easier and more enjoyable.

This year, we have added an additional Snowcat to our fleet. It is a Prinoth Leitwolf, one of the most advanced and powerful grooming machines in the world. It has a 530-horsepower engine, a 20-foot-wide tiller, and a 12-foot-wide blade that can move up to 5 tons of snow per minute. It also has a state-of-the-art computer system that allows us to monitor and adjust the grooming parameters in real time.

With this new Snowcat, we can groom more trails faster and more efficiently, and create smoother and more consistent snow conditions for our guests. 

Freedom to Ski

At Willamette Pass Resort, we believe that skiing is more than just a sport. It is a way of life, a passion, and a freedom. That’s why we are committed to providing our guests with the “Freedom to Ski” – the freedom to choose from a variety of trails, terrain, and difficulty levels; the freedom to ski on natural or artificial snow; and the freedom to ski on smooth or challenging surfaces.

By investing in our snowmaking and grooming operations, we are ensuring that our guests have the freedom to ski whenever they want, however they want, and as much as they want. We are looking forward to welcoming you to our resort this season, and sharing with you the joy of skiing at Willamette Pass Resort.

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